G&C Universal Cleaning understands that having a stranger in your your home or place of business can be a little awkward and unsettling at first. Having someone clean for you can take a little getting used to, and you may know exactly what needs to be done to prepare for their arrival. We've put together a few questions and answers to help you feel more comfortable with the cleaning process.

What to I need to do to prepare for each clean?

If you are not going to be home during the time the crew is cleaning, you are more than welcome to leave a key and alarm code with us. Whether it is a one time clean or a recurring service, we will keep it safe and use it for access pertaining to cleaning services only. We will lock up once the clean has been completed. The key and code will naturally be returned to you once the service has been completed and final payment is made. Because your service will be customized to suit your individual cleaning needs, we will only clean items specified by you. If you discover that there are other items you would like to add to your service or certain cleaning products that you would not like used, please be sure to let the Managers know. They will make a note on your cleaning outline and instruct the cleaner accordingly. We do supply the cleaning products for each clean, but you are more than welcome to purchase any preferred products for the cleaner's use.

Do you provide day and evening service?

G&C Universal Cleaning's ability to remain flexible allows us to offer day and nighttime service to accommodate our client's busy schedules. Our cleaning service begins as early as 6:00 am, and finishes as late as 12:00 am, Sunday through Saturday.

What do I do if I want to change or add to my service?

G&G Universal Cleaning will accommodate any modification to your cleaning service. Simply let our Managers know of the adjustments you'd like made, and they will make it happen.